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But What Will People Say?

A deeply personal, paradigm-shifting book from therapist, writer, and founder of @browngirltherapy that rethinks traditional therapy and self-care models, creating much-needed space for those left out of the narrative. Now available for pre-order anywhere you can buy books!

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Are you feeling stressed, anxious, or dread about family gatherings?

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Sahaj Kaur Kohli by Nicola Russell

For Sahaj Kaur Kohli, the intersection of mental health and narrative storytelling was her salvation. As a child of immigrants, it would inspire her to help others from the same background find the language to promote their own mental wellbeing.

Smithsonian Channel

“When you don’t see yourself represented in mental health and wellness conversations, it’s hard to believe you deserve quality care. You do. We do. That’s where my work comes in.”

- Sahaj Kaur Kohli


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