What is Culturally Enough?

Welcome to Culturally Enough.! A newsletter community to honor and celebrate our cultural differences, while also learning ways to show up more authentically and rooted in our multicultural identities. As an extension of Brown Girl Therapy, this is the only online community facilitated by a mental health professional for first-, second-, and third-generation immigrants — and frankly, anyone who is straddling more than one culture. Basically, I want to help you feel culturally enough.

I do not want to act as a gatekeeper of your voices and thoughts, nor do I believe I have all the answers. Instead, together, we will invest in our shared growth and learning to break cycles and live healthier, more authentic lives. Community care is self care is community care. 

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  • A free monthly newsletter sent out on the first of every month. This includes: first dibs on any upcoming community events; brief musings on what I am thinking about or reading that month, especially as I dive into my own multicultural identity; updates on the book publishing journey; tidbits to help you on your mental health and bi/multicultural competency journey.
  • The occasional free in-depth resources, tips and letter that is for paid subscribers\
  • Access to a monthly book giveaway!


  • Free monthly email and;
  • Access to weekly subscriber only posts: These community posts will be posted every weekend and may include: Extensive research and information on a topic to help you on your journey as well as extended commentary on what I post on Brown Girl Therapy’s Instagram account, with more tips and personal anecdotes from Sahaj Kohli.
  • Weekly group discussions/threads on a theme or a (hypothetical or crowdsourced) question, honing in on the power of peer support and community care.
  • Exclusive community polls that you can respond to and discuss.
  • Two monthly conversation clubs where we will come together for 60 minutes on Zoom and meet each other and talk about a specific theme or topic together. These are casual meetups that will allow you all to meet each other more intimately and build on your community! (This is not therapy!)
  • Commenting privileges on all posts and access to the full archive.
  • Other resources offered include worksheets, journal prompts, book recommendations, Q+As, interviews in podcast form, input and voting rights to future content, and therapy resources.

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